Company History

Western Diagnostic Pathology (WDP) was founded in 1972 by Dr D.J. McCully and four other pathologist partners from the Sir Charles Gardner Hospital.

“Western Pathology” as it was then known, expanded rapidly and quickly became recognised as the pre-eminent Western Australian pathology provider. In 1986, Markalinga, the developer and owner of Perth and Sydney’s premier tertiary private hospitals of the time, purchased the shares in the operating company of the pathology service, with Dr McCully and the other senior pathologists continuing to retain ownership of the pathology partnership.

Since that date, the practice has experienced a number of different controlling shareholders and eventually was acquired in 2008 by Healius Ltd and became part of the Specialist Diagnostic Services network of pathology practices.

WDP has continued to grow and thrive with a number of key milestones including: 

  • In 2005, Western Diagnostic Pathology expanded the geographic coverage of its service by operating a laboratory and collection service in Darwin.
  • In 2010, Western Diagnostic Pathology expanded its commitment to aboriginal and remote health care by taking over the central Australian (Alice Springs laboratory) from the SA Government entity “MedVet”.
  • In 2012, Western Diagnostic Pathology commenced servicing the remote offshore drilling platforms and islands in the far north of the Australian territories.