Getting Started with Us

Join Western Diagnostic Pathology as a partner in practice and benefit from comprehensive support

Have you just set up a new medical practice or are you commencing a new one at an existing medical centre? Western Diagnostic Pathology can help make your life easier. When you join Western Diagnostic Pathology as a partner, you’ll have the support of a leading pathology practice and a team of recognised specialists.

The first steps in setting up your practice in partnership with Western Diagnostic Pathology 

  • Establish a Licensed Collection Centre in your practice. For more details, call 08 9317 0760 or email us.
  • Book a Medical Liaison Officer visit. For more details, call our Marketing Department on 08 9317 0760.

New Client Starter Pack

Our typical Starter Pack includes:

  • Personalised Request Forms
  • Selection of Tubes and Containers
  • Selection of Sharps and Containers
  • Support materials

 To request a complimentary new client Starter Pack, call 08 9317 0760 or email us.