At Western Diagnostic Pathology we understand that connecting and delivering health information where and when it is needed is critical within today’s world of health. As such, we provide a number of services for hospitals to assist them in delivering an effective, efficient service.

Infection Control Reports

Infection prevention for your institution based on your institution’s results with daily, weekly and monthly electronic reports available. The report includes data on MRSA – Staphylococcus; VRE – Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci; Clostridium difficile; all blood culture results; Influenza; and Organisms/Sensitivities.

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Antibiogram Reports

Antibiogram Reports are available annually to assist you to comply with items 3.2 and 3.14 of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standard 3. Your dedicated Antibiogram Report will include blood culture data (top 10 organisms isolated for your institution); urine culture data (top 5 organisms isolated for your institution); Collated non-urine culture data (top 10 isolated for your institution) and 15 specific organisms with full antibiogram data from your institution.

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Electronic Health Record Integration

At Western Diagnostic Pathology we are able to ensure integration of your inpatients’ and outpatients’ pathology data with your electronic medical record so that a permanent pathology record is held by the hospital and embedded in its hospital information system, i.e. Electronic Health Record Integration (EHR).

Western Diagnostic Pathology has:

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Medway Hospital Portal

Medway is a web-based application by Western Diagnostic Pathology that provides hospital-based clinicians with real-time access to Western Diagnostics Pathology’s secure database. Being a web-based browser means that no additional software needs to be installed on your hospital’s computer system to access results. As soon as the result is available at the laboratory, it is available at Medway – enabling you to view a patients’ results quickly, efficiently and securely over the internet.

Medway can be tailored to create a central register of your hospital’s pathology results, regardless of which doctor attending your hospital ordered the pathology.

Customise your Medway account so that you can:

Medway gives you the ability to:


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