Receiving Results

Doctors and patients rely on Western Diagnostic Pathology to deliver timely and accurate results. The Results Department is responsible for disseminating critical patient information, ensuring this is performed in a prompt and professional manner that maintains patient privacy.

Results can be delivered in a variety of formats that are convenient for referring Practitioners and are available as private and confidential, cumulative reporting and interim results.

At any time the delivery of results can be tailored to your individual need for that particular patient or sample.

This can be communicated by simply indicating the preferred method of delivery on your request form; i.e. fax or phone.


Result downloading (including HL7 data) allows paperless surgeries to maintain their automated systems and receive results on a frequent basis.

Results are delivered at varying intervals during the day depending on your requirements.


Western Diagnostic Pathology offers online results that enable you to view your patients’ results quickly, efficiently and securely from any computer with an Internet connection.

This is accessed via the Medway website, a web-based application by Western Diagnostic Pathology, providing you with real-time results, anytime, anywhere.


Practitioners have the flexibility to obtain results via phone, however generally this is the method of communication for urgent results. If a Practitioner requests urgent results via phone, Western Diagnostic Pathology will contact you with a result as soon as possible. A copy of all results communicated in this fashion will also be sent via usual methods.


Faxed results can be organised for both routine and urgent results.

Routine results will arrive throughout the day as they become available, while urgent results are prioritised and faxed immediately once released.


Hardcopy results are delivered by our couriers throughout the day. These will arrive to you at varying intervals during the day depending on your requirements.

Urgent reprints can be organised when necessary.

Historical Results

To request historical results please call Western Diagnostic Pathology on 136 199.

When making a request it is important you have the following information nearby:

Please note: historical test results will be sent as per your usual method of result delivery.

My Health Record

Western Diagnostic Pathology are connected to the My Health Record system, operated by the Australian Government. For tests that bulk-billed we will send a copy of your patients pathology test results to their My Health Record unless they specify on the form for us not to. Patients can access their results through the My Gov portal.