Staff Wellness Screening

Partnering with Western Diagnostic Pathology allows you to incorporate the industry’s best practices into your staff wellness program.

We have extensive experience and highly qualified personnel along with a broad array of services and equipment to suit your company’s individual requirements.

Western Diagnostic Pathology has National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accreditation, providing confirmation testing on both urine and saliva samples.

Western Diagnostic Pathology can offer services and products including:

Occupational Risk Testing

Western Diagnostic Pathology is able to assist you in ensuring the health and well-being of your employees, contractors or others under your care through risk assessment and monitoring services.

Our services enable you to manage your risk and comply with your legal requirements as pertains to your staff’s exposure to infectious or hazardous substances.

A sample of the type of hazardous or infectious material testing, or immunisation status testing that we routinely offer employer groups include:

Pre-employment Checks

We are able to assist you with your individual organisation’s pre-employment health check program to establish your prospective employee’s readiness to commence work, and to manage your risk going forward.

Your prospective staff are able to attend one of our many walk-in collection centres throughout Western Australia or alternatively we can arrange for our collection staff to come to you and perform any required collections on-site.

You are able to access a range of our services to manage your risk going forward including:

Wellness Screening

Increasingly, employer groups are finding that worksite health promotion leads to a more engaged and productive workplace. At Western Diagnostic Pathology we are able to tailor on-site or off-site wellness screening programs. Examples of testing we can perform include:

Getting started with us

Getting started with us is easy. To start using Western Diagnostic Pathology as your partner in diagnostics all you need to do is request a quote below.